It's About Time

The time we have, the time we waste, the time that proves to be beneficial.  Hmmmm.....The sun is flickering on the trees that have begun to color despite the drought situations we seem to be experiencing in this part of VA meaning to me, at least, it's time to be inspired to paint.

I pulled out a dozen of so photos of summer and fall subjects that interested me---do you all get this way? Then I said, yes, I can paint this or that and this or that would be a good challenge. The summer light in the studio is such as outdoors-to me at least- so no difficulty in replicating this aspect of a proposed painting etc. Well, and so, all those photos sat all over my tables in the studio for those couple weeks since I last blogged and painted (other than household painting).

Now I have put away those summer-type photos(there's always next year; "God willing and the creeks don't rise"; so the saying goes) and am concentrating on the autumn photos from last autumn or before. Looking at the photos  I'm brought back to the temperature, time of day and all the memories that come forth so I'm "good to go" as far as some serious painting!

I did hold back some masa subjects(flowers) and started one in fact; but didn't "trace" dark enough on the masa paper itself.  I lost the drawing and will attempt it again.  I'm also looking seriously at the unfinished portrait and think I can finish it up.  I'll include the next step of progress in this blog when I take a "remedial" on camera to computer. ( I lost the first of the unfinished photos of the portrait to cyberspace or whatever! See past blog for mid-progress.).  This blog includes the finished portrait, until I decide it needs tweaking prior to framing.

In the meantime, I have started two landscapes and have two more ready to be drawn. These projects ought to keep me painting  for a couple weeks until it's time to winter prepare---the house, not subjects to paint.  It's too soon to look at snow scenes while relishing the luscious colors out my window. I hope I can paint autumn themes for at least a month or more.
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