"Hurry Christmas, Don't be Late"

Can't recall the song but I think I can say, I'm ready; I'm anxious; I'm like a child who believes in Santa!  AND I'm taking this time; since I think I made all the preparations I can,  to post my last blog of 2011.


I have before me my 2011 goal sheet and notes from posts of several witty and wise  bloggers to settle me into really thinking about this year's accomplishments; and where I want to continue in the same direction and where I want to take a road less traveled.  There are many things I wanted to do in this past year (as I review my goal sheet)---I know most of you who know me can't imagine I'm writing this now---that I didn't "get done', or let's face it, even start! 


I imagine some of you are also feeling as I am. I will not, however, beat myself up over my incompleteness (lack of discipline and procrastination among other things).  If I were "complete" I would have nothing to strive for, no goals to reach. I will instead (probably marvel over my accomplishments and wonder how?) be grateful for all I've done.  I will take in account as I review my year to consider the distractions to my art.  Were those distractions beneficial or detrimental to my growth as an artist; as a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, sibling?  I am all these people and my existence is based upon all.  In other words, all are relational.


Further, I truly believe that in relationships as in color and  harmony there is much to be appreciated, learned.  Balance is key in both art and life. Values are also key. Are you sensing the direction I'm going here?  Take the elements of art, if you will, and compare them to your total life; your year and your growth.  I'm sure these elements will all come together to provide you with a most excellent (I've been watching Jane Austin movies on Netflix streaming) platform upon which we can set and meet those 2012 goals.


I just had to share my photo of this year's tree gathering.  Merry Christmas and God Bless us Everyone!



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Pearl Harbor Day

Not much is being mentioned on the TV daily news-perhaps on 24 hour news or maybe even on the nightly news there may be more about that fateful day. Got me to thinking about all the sacrifices our WWII servicemen made.  Now, most of them are gone.  Many of my parent's generation lived through all this and it makes me really appreciative of all they gave to make ours a better world.


Enuf nostalgia....I don't know about you all but trying to get into the holiday mode with "flood watch" we're experiencing "on my mountain", well, it's difficult. I have the Christmas lights on and they are really visible in spite of it being daytime. It's been a combination of stormy, dark, rain and fog for the past couple days.  The weatherman is predicting snow tonight and since the last surprise storm I'm feeling abit anxious.  It could be as little as a dusting or as much as another six inches. 


If I'm in a lemonade mood,  I could say that that it will be "beginning to look alot like Christmas" and folks will be able to get out of the foggy, rainy frumpy moods that seems to go along with dull weather conditions.


I'm feeling as if  I haven't painted in weeks what with Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas.  Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the work that goes into choosing the tree; decorating and seriously cleaning the house as I make each room Christmas-y; getting and wrapping the Christmas gifts; writing the annual Christmas letter (although I will say that blogging and facebook make it seem that it hasn't been that long since I've communicated with family and friends) and mailing it in the Christmas cards. I don't even mind listening to the endless and continuous Christmas music (while still in Advent season and not yet the Christmas season-tsk- but as a pastor reminded me it is after St. Nick Day, Dec 6th, yesterday).


I'm gonna include a Christmas tree gathering photo to tease you if you haven't yet begun your Christmas preparations since I'm not yet posting my winter collection.  I said I wouldn't put the winter collection on my  WORKS page until winter but I may just "do it early" if my "lemonade" is sweet enough.  Cheers and now onto that watercolor I was working on!



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