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The paintings are framed and lined up, ready to pack into the car.  On each back of each painting is the necessary and pertinent information.  The inventory list is typed and "in the computer" awaiting printing so the venue (will have it next to the cash register for all those sales--hope springs eternal!) and I know what's where.  The show list (program?) with the "stories" about each painting is in the hands of the printer and will be printed after installation early next week just in case not all paintings fit in the gallery space. My "statement" about the show as well as the proposed show list has been in the hands of the publicist for weeks. The bin art has all been re-packaged and foam core backs have been added to the mats making them all "look so good" I wish I'd framed them also! I mail the invites to the reception today (if I can get out.  We had ice and some snow last night which could mean precarious driving if the temperatures don't rise as expected.  As I look ouside we are getting light snow). The emails invites will follow after installation.


I know my responsibilities regarding the reception, date and times but some of the details remain sketchy.  Not everyone prepares for "Murphy's Law" (and that happens rarely, fortunately) as I do.  I did, however, ask the questions and no doubt the answers will be forthcoming when needed.  Not everyone obsesses as I do.


I have a "show list of things to do and bring" for outdoor festivals but not so for indoor solos and besides each place is different.  It's been nearly three years since I've held a solo show in a gallery setting. That was in a community theater setting and viewed on show nights only.  Prior to that show, my last solo was nine years ago and much changes over time.


I know everything will work out in the end but anxiety still catches me at moments like this.  I guess I need to "visualize, actualize" as the late Norman Vincent Peale---I think---said and just go paint.

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"life is good"

I know you've seen how well the marketing of that expression"life is good" is with tee-shirts, signs, cups and whatnot.  I'm feeling that way today, that "life is good".


First I'm not in Massachusetts getting slammed with storm after storm and having roofs collapse; so sorry for those who have had to deal with such issues!


I'm sitting on under a shade gazebo near a pool with views of swaying palms and orange trees.  Not too bad, the digs here of the families who live in "sunny" Florida.  I really get re-juvenated  when I visit.


Winter months are the ones when artists who do outdoor shows flock to this area. "It's a numbers game" afterall, this thing we call "marketing". Masses of people come in droves and crowd the streets of sleepy little towns to spend money on art, food, spirits, lodging and entertainment. The arts festivals are abundant. Every weekend you can find something happening somewhere to entertain those who flock to Florida to escape the cold of the north.


I've been visiting in these warmer parts for years and have been able to take in quite a few shows---research, don't you know! I think if I applied to participate in these shows and got past the jurying process (which I may finally be able to do) I might be interested in showing myself. However, I've yet to figure out how I can "pack all that goes with outdoor shows" in my little car!  It seems I pack double the clothes and art supplies I ever need or use.  Where would the tent, display units and most important, paintings go? I'm not terribly decisive when it comes to packing.  Whatever fits in the car and I "might" use I take because  "you never know"!


I do so admire the hearty souls who continue to stimulate the eyes and ears at these festivals.  It takes alot of stamina to "do the circuit".  Answering the questions from potential patrons about their inspirations,etc; suffering the peculiarities of weather patterns (Feb is still "iff-y" weatherwise in central FL and March has been stiffling some years); and ocassionally dealing with verbal criticisms from ignorant passer byes who fail (and if not in actual words directed to the artist then in whispered tones and facial expressions) to have a clue of  creative process unique to each individual showing. 


For myself, I wander past these booths and appreciate that each one contains, at least, "interesting and creative work".  I don't find myself wondering: "Could I do that?" or "Could I do that better?" but rather, "How or why did they do that?" and "That's clever".  Then I begin to wonder; if I applied  this  technique and gave it a tweak to produce such and such could I incorporate that in my work to produce the (fill in the blank) effect I want?  Would I actually have the courage to try such?


Would applying the above to my works make me continue to feel "life is good"?  Is it time to take my art to a different level? OR am I still "gathering in"?  Today I feel as if I'm in the "gathering in" stage.  Maybe, after my relaxing and enjoying and visiting (and driving but I really enjoy this, too) I'll feel so inclined in the studio and maybe not. Meanwhile, "life is good"!





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